Open Law

Open access to legal information

Open Law is an ecosystem providing access to legal information and tools to find answers fast.

What is Open Law?

Open Law is an initiative of BarNet (BarNetwork Pty Limited), a not-for-profit corporation committed to preserving and improving access to legal information in Australia and around the world. BarNet and its subsidiaries provide the leading legal research platform, JADE, one of the oldest series of Authorised Reports in the Common Law world, the Victorian Reports, and a range of other tools, including and One to 100.

We work with Courts and Agencies to integrate their legal information and make it accessible. A recent example is our work with the Judicial College of Victoria, to provide an enhanced Victorian Sentencing Manual, the High Court of Australia (for the eresources site), and the Council of Law Reporting in NSW in relation to the NSWLR Online.

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