Barrister Training - Advanced 18/08/22 | Open Law

Advanced Training

JADE for Barristers

4.00pm, Thursday 18th August 2022

The legal system is a complex web of precedent, jurisdiction and statute that has evolved over centuries. It's often difficult to quickly see how all of these parts relate to one another.

JADE's Visualisations allow you to see the relationships in the legal system quickly and drill down to better understand them.

Learn how to use JADE's Visualisation Tools for Case Law:

  • Easily identify similar cases and review their relationships with the Similarity Tool.
  • Find subsequent cases that share catchwords and citations with Parallel Citations.
  • Determine if a case is still good law with the Precedent Tracker.

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4.00pm, Thursday 18th August 2022Approximate run time: 30 mins