Barrister Training - Beginners 15/08/22 | Open Law

Beginner Training

JADE for Barristers

4.00pm, Monday 15th August 2022

Learn how to use JADE's search features to save yourself the time and hassle of scrolling for answers.

  • Get the tips and tricks of the Omnibox and refine your search using Advanced Search filters.
  • Learn how to navigate JADE's Document Viewing features quickly and easily.
  • Find the most recent cases citing a provision of legislation, or paragraph of a case with JADE Clips.
  • Determine if a judgment is relevant before you read the whole document using Focus Matches.
  • Easily create JADE Alerts while you're reading and ensure you're always up to date.

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4.00pm, Monday 15th August 2022Approximate run time: 30 mins