2022 Training Events - Visualisations 22/06/22 | Open Law

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Use JADE's Visualisation tools for higher quality and more effective legal research

4.30pm, Wednesday 29th June 2022

Learn how to use JADE's visualisation tools to easily identify all the relevant information so you can focus your time and energy on your analysis.

  • Easily identify similar cases and review their relationships with the Similarity Tool.
  • Find subsequent cases that share catchwords and citations with Parallel Citations.
  • Determine if a case is still good law with the Precedent Tracker.
  • Easily view how, and to what extent a provision of legislation has changed over time with Legislation Visualisations.
  • Visualise how your Search results overlap. Upload Documents to leverage visualisation tools.

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4.30pm, Wednesday 29th June 2022Approximate run time: 30 mins

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