An iOS app for working with authorised law reports and secondary law

Lawstream is a new legal research platform designed by the team at (Australia's best legal research platform on the web). Lawstream provides a portable reading experience for authorised law reports of superior courts in Australia intergrating subsequent consideration of cases, and research productivity tools that help you find and curate your own library of case law.

Included in release 1.0:

Beautiful reading experience

integrates subsequent consideration of cases (incoming citations) at the page and paragraph level

Curate your favourite paragraphs and cases

A favourites system which allows you to curate paragraphs and cases and then view them by case, and catchword/topic

In-text Search

In-text fuzzy search to help you find words and phrases of importance while reading


Search by case title and citation


Browse series of authorised law reports by volume


Explore law reports by catchword/topic and save to favourites to read later

Work offline

The ability to download individual cases to work with offline

This is just the beginning!