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Finding it time consuming to check citations?

Automatic Citation Checking

Automatically check your citations and create links to cases and legislation by uploading your legal document or submission into your JADE Library.

Upload your legal document, such as a submission, into your My JADE library:

  • JADE automatically checks the citations in an uploaded document and links them to cases and legislation.
  • Where an error is identified, JADE helps you identify likely corrections.
  • Create tags and annotations, and export to share your uploaded document with embedded links.

You can also leverage JADE's other functionality with your uploaded document such as creating a full list of authorities, or finding similar cases with JADE's similarity tool.

Learn more about the time-saving legal research tools available with JADE Professional below.

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Lawyers are typically very time-poor, spend a lot of time conducting legal research, and most say they'd save hours every week if they could find legal material quickly and easily.

If you're legal professional, especially if you're time-poor or your time is billable, or you simply pride yourself on high quality legal research, click on the images below to see how JADE Professional can make your legal research easier, faster and more effective.

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