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Parallel Citations

Unlock visualisation tools to find subsequent cases that share citations and catchwords.

Searching for relevant cases?

Use Parallel Citations to map out the subsequent cases which share at least 2 citations with a case you're researching, even if your case itself is not cited.

While you're reviewing a case in JADE, locate the feature icons at the top left of the page. Select the Visualisations icon represented by three circles arranged in a triangle, then select 'Parallel Citations'.

Here you have a snapshot of cases with shared citations.

  • Hovering over the connecting lines reveals the relationship between the cases.
  • Click to show the shared citations, and whether your case has been cited.
  • Review the cases to gain relevant insights, and help identify additional cases you wish to review.

You can leverage JADE's other Case Law Visualisation tools. Parallel Citations is an extension of the Precedent Tracker.

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